About company

About company
The Dobry Motok group of companies, which owns the Lasla TM, originates in 1999. It was then that the first lines for the processing of base paper from recyclable materials were purchased and installed. The production of household toilet paper of the economy segment began.

This equipment was semi-automatic and included production processes with a lot of manual labor of workers. The total monthly production at that time was 500,000 pieces of finished products. This processing line reached its maximum productivity in 2006 and amounted to 1,500,000 pieces of finished products. The need to expand production was constantly growing, as the specifics of the market in the developing Russian economy required more and more products of the economy segment.

2007 <span>— 2018</span>

2007 — 2018

And in 2007, an automatic line for the production of economy segment toilet paper was purchased, which includes automatic labeling, packaging cutting and peeling, which in the process of modernization by 2018 increased the capacity to 8 million rolls.



At the same time, in order to expand the range in 2014, equipment for the production of household napkins of various colors was purchased.
In the same year, the Lasla trademark was registered, under the brand of which there are assorted napkins on sale.

2016 <span> — 2020</span>

2016 — 2020

In 2016, the Dobry Motok Group of Companies significantly expands production and focuses on serving the HoReCa sector, which is the most promising and fastest growing.

In this segment, the company sets itself ambitious goals - to cover the needs of consumers of all levels: from catering establishments to prestigious business-class establishments.

The division of products takes place in three directions: products for toilet rooms, products for wiping and cleaning, products for table setting.