For wholesalers

OOO Voronezhskaya Bumazhnaya Fabrica today is one of the leading companies in the production of paper products for sanitary and hygienic purposes and is one of the three leaders in the volume of manufactured products from secondary raw materials in the entire European part of Russia.

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For wholesale and large-scale wholesale buyers, we are ready to offer special conditions for cooperation, competitive price, high quality and stability of supply. All this is achieved using the following factors:

A producer of base paper from primary and secondary raw materials, which guarantees the constant availability of raw materials and, accordingly, no crises and interruptions in the supply of raw materials on the market will affect the regularity of supplies.

Full cycle production, which allows us not to depend on external factors. We collect waste paper ourselves, recycle it ourselves and make finished products from it ourselves, working without intermediaries allows us to make the best offer on the market.

We have our own logistics department and a fleet of vehicles of various carrying capacity, numbering more than 20 vehicles, which allows us to deliver our products to the warehouses of our wholesale buyers for FREE.

The technical control department carries out strict implementation of production regulations, product quality control, as well as independent control of product compliance with established requirements and guarantees this compliance to the consumer, which gives our partners a stable product quality and the best price-quality ratio.

At the moment, our partners are already:
And the geography of supplies is expanding on a monthly basis, so we are already supplying our products to the following regions:

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