Lasla Professional Classic 200

Article: ЦП-05

Lasla Professional Classic toilet paper from cellulose raw materials with embossing is the best option in terms of price / quality ratio from cellulose raw materials in 1 layer. This paper is suitable for dispensers - Lasla MJ1 (or similar to Tork T2). They are mainly used for filling dispensers in the washrooms of high-level service establishments with medium traffic: such as cafes, price-oriented restaurants, government agencies and company offices also. Since high-density raw materials are used in the manufacture of these towels, consumption is noticeably reduced with high traffic.

The main indicators of this product that you should pay attention to are the footage and paper weight. Products under the Lasla Professional trademark undergo strict control during the production of each batch, so that the main indicators always correspond to the production rate and the minimum permissible deviations. Thereby, all partners can calmly and confidently offer our product both to their customers and declare when participating in tenders, without fear of receiving a claim for quality and understatement of characteristics.

Raw materials components cellulose, 1 layer, 25 g / m2
length 200 m
Packing 12 rolls


Order 15 packs and get a 5% discount | 30 pack. - 10% | 60 pack and more - 15%