Lasla Professional Econom 120

Article: МП-25
Toilet paper Lasla Professional Econom with a central draft with embossing and perforation 1 layer is an economical option from refined high density waste materials. This product is suitable for centrifugal toilet paper dispensers. Products from clarified secondary raw materials are intended to partially replace similar products from cellulose raw materials on the market, because their portability characteristics are practically not inferior to their more expensive counterparts, and the price is significantly lower. They are mainly used to fill dispensers in the washrooms of mid-level establishments that want to use consumables of a slightly higher quality than just the economy segment, but still do not mind saving on the purchase of more expensive cellulose products, so that the customers of these establishments feel additional care and attention to them, even in such things. Consumption is noticeably reduced due to the application of perforations, which allows using paper on measuring sheets.
Raw materials components clarified secondary raw materials, 1 layer, 26 g / m2
length 120 m
Sheet size 136x220 mm
Packing 12 rolls

analogue of TORK Т9

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