Lasla Professional Classic 280

Article: ЦП-08
Rolled towels with a central hood and Lasla Professional Classic (on the removable roll tube) 1 layer - this is the best option in terms of price / quality ratio from high density cellulose raw materials. The presence of perforations adds convenience and economy of use. These towels are suitable for dispensers - Lasla OG1 (or similar to Tork M4). They are used for wiping and cleaning work surfaces. They are a replacement for rag materials, which have a number of big drawbacks: the need to constantly update during the day, send to dry cleaning, monitor the state of wear. All these inconveniences are eliminated by paper. In addition, it meets the modern requirements of inspection bodies, and the availability of such products is a loyal factor in dealing with the latter. They are used in the following industries: kitchens of restaurants and cafes, locksmiths and turning workshops at enterprises, automotive services and other specialized enterprises.
Raw materials components wet-strength cellulose raw materials, 1 layer; 25 g / m2
length 280 m
Packing 6 rolls

LASLA OG1 (or analogue of TORK H1, M2, M4)

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